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There are a lot of misconceptions about where the American grew up and I am going to put them all to rest. He grew Up in the Ghetto of Jersey. In the Ghetto it's not as bad as it seems, assuming the American is bk=lack because white people don't ride jetskiis well or bring guns to Starbucks.In the ghetto, children grow up in a tuogh world, stealing, murdering ganng fighting and general rowdieness prevails.

[edit] Life In Da Ghetto Kids can often be seen eating sugar sandwiches, and beating each other up under the loving supevision of the absent parent. Most ghetto kids that are great fighters are scared of animals, a method used the the Thirteen colonies and some others to scare black people into submission before the civil rights movement. So if you meet a black guy in a dark alley show him a squirril stuffed or not and run.

Like all black people is an itegral part of life in the ghetto most people swear during evry action, from eating, greeting, sex, and sleeping,(only if you sleep talk.

The only learning is about violence, which is why when the Bugle Empire tried to conquer large sections of America people were too dumb to understand wordplay and Andy was defeated. This is why like the British their accent was born by a lack of basic education. (this is why the BNP still have people voting for them.

Being ghetto gives you the right 1. Swear a lot 2. Say fo shizzle, dawg, aight,hood, and any thing drug related 3. Beat people in dark alleys 4. Wear Baggey Clothing 5. Look Suspicious 6. Be Racist 7. Be part of a gang 8. Live in the Projects 9. Be poor 10. Be high all the time

Fuck you Chris