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People who deny Climate are people like Vice-Chancellor Nick Griffin of the University of Racist, Irrational, Nazi Evil (URINE)

what more needs to be said?

Proof of Climate Change

  1. little/no snow in Canada for the olympics
  2. warmest winter on record in Canada
  3. Ice shelfs are falling off
  4. Ocean animals are migrating to cold water, cant find any and die
  5. Hundreds of glaciers are melting
  6. Hundreds Scientists' records are all consistent
  7. Its not cold
  8. Hugo Chavez continues to spew hot air

Climate Change Skeptics[]

Mass swathes of scientists are losing the war of against Climate change deniers.

Some of the enemy:

  • Rush Limbaugh,
  • Glen Beck,
  • Jesse Jackson,
  • those other stupid power tools
  • mega pricks
You don't have to be a scientist - to refute claims on TV all you need is...[]
  1. To be famous (or not)
  2. or write a book
  3. own a suit
  4. write a news paper article
  5. write a book

and voila! people are convinced that massive amounts of scientific proof can be dismissed by a little turd who wrote an article on why he didn't believe it which made probably made no sense at all.

If you belive that climate change is a sham you might:[]
  • be a idiot
  • have no friends
  • speak with a lisp
  • have no life
  • be best friends with an onion
  • be a very bad Jew. I'm looking at you here, John!
If you don't fit that category you might be[]
  • paranoid
  • angry
  • exremly racist
  • and also have no life
  • green. Literally.

Fuck you Chris