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Buglitorians are people who study the socio-historical aspects of The Bugle. The field is largely underappreciated and more often then not completely forgotten by the mainstream scholars, probably due to the field’s boring name (Retrospective Study of Society Defined by The Bugle, or RSSDTB).

Understand also that Buglitorians are not the same as Buglologists, who largely study the effects of the Bugle on the physical world.

What Buglitorians Do[]

  1. Chronicling the continuing legacy of the Bugle.
  2. Compile demographics of Buglers (see Bugler for a more comprehensive look at these demographics).
  3. Observe any reaction to the Bugle by other cultures, (Not much thus far).
  4. Attempt to decode The Audio Cryptic Crossword.
  5. Keep track of the Fact-Off tally.
  6. Venerate the Hotties From History in the various traditional ways.

Notable Buglitorians[]

  • Manfred Albert Pike (1947-2006): discovered that arctic seals are avid followers of the Bugle’s Sport section, but wrote also that they are prone to revolting violently to Fact Boxes.
  • Elliot from the UK (?): perhaps the only individual ever to be able to decipher the Audio Cryptic Crossword.
  • Dr. Kenneth Goodwin (1962-Present): (also a noted Buglologist) Completed a study of Amazonian amerindians, in which he discovered that nearly 84.3% of them listened to the Bugle, but sadly almost 98% of those individuals died after the Audio Cryptic Crossword section came to an end.
  • Professor Karen Peterson (1978-?): a respected lecturer of English history at the University of Ottawa, until she published a book entitled "A Hottie of History: A Survey of Florence Nightingale in the Context of British Podcasts." She was ridiculed by her contemporaries, and her present location is unknown.
  • Keith Micheals (1970 - Present): A plumber from Hull who dedicated his life to finding out th truth behind the lies.

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