• Punmaster9000

    The simple answer to this incredibly simple. A womans place is in the home.

    When Britain was great. Women knew their place. The stayed home and supported their men abroad. The British Empire was built on the back of women who knew thier place. They were stong enough to stay home day in day out, and contet themselves while inspiring their men with letters of support, to massacre the Indians.

    Women got antsy and decided to work, no problem, but then, having the gall to lead men telling men what to do it was the disruption of life as we know it. Germany decided to start a war and women were called to the frontilnes,of the labour force, to take the places of the average men. But after the war what did they do, they were addicted to power. They w…

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  • Punmaster9000

    Rise the Bulge Army!!

    February 6, 2011 by Punmaster9000

    In wake of the Andy Zaltzman and the Bugle refrences found all over wikipedia, it is time that avid Buglers around the world unite to openly revolt against the Bul***t in society. The following are the planned operations to take place in the near future. For optimal effectiveness we need to get this mentioned on the Bugle for these plans to be most effective.

    In wake of the Bugle wikipedia enterances it is time to up our game, I found the Gaddafi entence very well done. Any topic Andy put in the bin if it can be any way be related to fact then go for it. For example It hasn't been put up yet, but under Pontefract/history on wikipedia one could place,

    Amature historian and Host of the Bugle podcast Andy Zaltzman claimed to have found a 16 cen…

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  • Punmaster9000

    The English language is an incredible invention. It has helped people around the world express and communicate with each other. And confuse and misinterpret for the gains and repective losses to those who have a firmer grasp of the language.

    Sadly English is costantly changing for example Wiblylevinianism. Once meant marrige bu in the space of a few weeks changed to become "short term marital bliss followed by lenghty and expensive Hollywood style divorce.

    But who are these people who are changing the meaning of words and confusing others and are taking advantage of those who don't understand the subtlties of the language. The bloody bloody British. This transcript of a message sent by a man who cannot be identified says

    "It can mean whateve…

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  • Punmaster9000

    The Ghetto

    April 20, 2010 by Punmaster9000

    There are a lot of misconceptions about where the American grew up and I am going to put them all to rest. He grew Up in the Ghetto of Jersey. In the Ghetto it's not as bad as it seems, assuming the American is bk=lack because white people don't ride jetskiis well or bring guns to Starbucks.In the ghetto, children grow up in a tuogh world, stealing, murdering ganng fighting and general rowdieness prevails.

    Kids can often be seen eating sugar sandwiches, and beating each other up under the loving supevision of the absent parent. Most ghetto kids that are great fighters are scared of animals, a method used the the Thirteen colonies and some others to scare black people into submission before the civil rights movement. So if you meet a blac…

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  • Enemyoftruth

    I've just made one. Onwards, to victory!

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  • Punmaster9000

    The Bird

    March 11, 2010 by Punmaster9000

    If it dosent get read out on the bugle I might as well put it here

    Yo Andy Dog what up in the hizzle and (john whatever) I like to tell you my Bird story it was quite poldlezingerIt was an average day when I was in elementary school, I really wasn't expecting that anything would happen, but alas fate had a different path. I loaded the bus with my friends and we expected an easy ride home of swearing and talking about how Greenpeace blamed fat people for world hunger. No lie. As we left the school we encountered a bus from another elementary school.We payed little attention exept I who looked and saw one of them flip us the bird. So I stood up and shouted from the back of the bus. "Hey that guy gave us the finger (thats how we say bird ove…

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  • Punmaster9000

    Last time I said I would talk about people who deny climate change and I gave the perfect example.


    Now what more needs to be said,


    1. little/no snow in Canada for the olympics
    2. warmest winter on record in Canada
    3. Ice shelfs are falling off

    Mass swathes of Scientists are losing the war of Climate change proof

    the enemy Nick's brorthers, Rush Limbaugh, Glen Beck, Jesse Jackson, and those other stupid power tools/mega pricks

    You don't have to be a scientist to refute claims on TV all you need is

    1. To be famouse
    2. or wright a book
    3. own a suit
    4. write a news paper article

    and viola you convince people that massive amounts of scientific proof can be undermined by a little turd who wrote an article on why he didn't believe it, which probably made no sen…

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  • Punmaster9000

    Nick Griffin

    March 1, 2010 by Punmaster9000

    Well what can you say about nick griffin

    I am going to attempt to not swear in this blog

    and replace all swear words with less offensive substitutes

    Nick Griffin is totally fudged in the head no seriously

    he has no life he is unbelievably racist

    no one liked him he is constantly pelted by eggs

    (check you tube)

    and he does not believe in the well being of human life

    He ranks with Silvio when it comes to racism

    Silvio as you remember got Barrack his own private Basketball net

    most people would see that as a nice gesture because Obama likes basket ball but comming from him you cant help but think it was a bit racist

    Nick on the Other hand his only plan for Climate change is to stop immigrants using roads cars buses ect.

    The funny thing is with this state…

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  • Punmaster9000

    Fat people

    February 24, 2010 by Punmaster9000

    Green peace decided to blame fat people for world hunger.

    the thing is




    Why is this so stupid

    • you are feeding them
    • you yourself are are incredibly fat by african standards
    • why don't you stop blaming them and feed the hungy
    • those fat people probably don't waste food
    • you on the other hand throw away everything you don't like

    You people are totally isolated from the real world get off you genuine leather couch

    stop smoking your pipe bring

    why don't you start stealing fat peoples food and giving it to starving people

    the thing is you Robin hoods not only will you be starving other people I will shoot you if you touch my fridge

    Nick Griffin gave them thi…

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  • Punmaster9000

    I have Punitis

    February 19, 2010 by Punmaster9000

    I was really tired when an idea flashed into my head. Create the longest Andy like pun stream of Lybia/Gaddafi based puns and since then I have been making puns on just about everything. Here are the puns

    Oh Darnah' Gaddafi, waddi you think you are saying. (Darnah is a city, a waddi is a dried up river bed). If you don’t stop it I’ll Khuss you out good. (Khuss is also a city), then Al Fuquaha Maumar till it Hurt (it doesn’t sound like a pun but it’s another city).

    O.K. Sunni I’ll Berber-que your chicken Shiite butt. (You should get the other two but Berbers are an ethnic group). If you don’t stop talking we will take your punishment and Tripoli-t (Tripoli is also a city).

    Do you understand you Al Fatay. (Al Fatay is...Surprise it’s a wait for it mountain).

    Then w…

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  • Obamania09

    (brackets and news)

    September 23, 2009 by Obamania09
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