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Battersea Dogs Home is the United Kingdom's oldest and most looked at home for dogs and is situated in the Battersea area of London, England. It is financed by voluntary donations with an income of almost £12.2 million in 2010 in a move described as "the most fucking British thing I've ever heard" by The Queen.

Attitude of Dogs[]

Battersea often claim they have the most politically engaged dogs in the Western world due to the fact that they have CNN pumped into their kennels 24 hours a day. This was put to the test by Emeritus Professor of Animal Translatix from University College Nantwich, Karen Hayley on behalf of The Bugle in early 2008, She observed a number of conversations between dogs. Below is a typical transcript she observed:

Parker: Whatever your views on the rights and wrongs of going into war in Iraq, I think you have to acknowledge that the troop surge has been a success.

Max: Hold on there, Parker! The slight reduction in violence could have been caused by any number of factors so let's not be too quick to attribute it to the surge.

Parker: Why do you insist on seeing the bad in the situation?

Max: Don't woof at me like that!

Parker: You're going to be put down next week anyway.

Bailey: Hey! Hey! Settle down! Let's not fall out over Iraq again! Hey, paws up who wants to go and lie down under the car while it's still warm, yeah?

This, and other transcripts, completely changed many critics' views on canine behaviour. It also led us to believe that the dogs were taking on board the option of background reading from Battersea Dogs' Home's library as the dogs' viewpoint was not merely received opinion.