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Anti BNP March

If even nose pickers can rally to this cause then it must be bad

Bloody Nazi Perverts British Nazi Party British Nasty Party

Racist pricks. Anyone need to say more?.. Yeah I do! they're homophobic too.

Favourite activities include: encouraging Hugo Chavez, writing campaign speeches for Mahmoud Ahmedinejad (' vote for me and I won't kill you yet') , hunting down the World's Worst Jew, Andrea Andy Zaltzman

Banned activities include: being nice to people, origami, drinking holy water in case it melts the greasy weaselly face of Scumbag Supremo Nick Griffin in a puff of righteous fury.

Watch Head Dickbag Nick Griffin get pelted with eggs:

It's morality porn. Oh yeah! At 0:43 there is a nice shot of sticky egg all over his fancy suit, hehehehe.

The BNP are huge fans of Cricket

BNP Supporters[]

  • Rush Limbaugh
  • Glenn Beck
  • George Bush
  • Hugo Chavez
  • Jesse Jackson
  • Michael Jackson's Father
  • all power tools
  • all mega pricks
  • Chris
  • Donald Trump
  • Nigel Farage
  • Boris Johnson

Fuck you Chris