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The following is the answers to Andy's Groundbreaking series; the Audio Cryptic Crossword. Answers verified by the photo submitted by Elliot.

Number Appears In Issue: Clue # Letters Answer
1 1 Bangers made by wise men all across America, may contain pigs' testicles 8 SAUSAGES
5 4 Take financial advantage from finding one time Wimbledon champion at home 4/2 CASH/IN
10 6 Stop, after snake makes road surface 7 ASPHALT
11 8 He got ripped off partly, on self-indulgent spree 3/4 EGO/TRIP
12 21 & 25 King of computing heads off east then south to find things with dragons faces on that inevitably crash to the ground and disappoint children 5 KITES
13 29 What Beckett might have his characters do to chivvy things along today? Contact Almighty before it gets off topic 4/5 RING/GODOT
14 9 Two old prime ministers suggest out loud that Prince stops for new tires and refueling 7/5 WILLIAM/PITTS
18 24 A messed up sham in South Africa leads to an opening to do some vandalism 5/1/6 SMASH/A/WINDOW
21 22 Eating an alien for supper we better use the china we were given for our wedding but we never use 6/3 DINNER/SET
23 23 Sheep follows manufacturer of computer sports games, which turn into wolf 3/2 EAT/UP
24 7 Virginia met a large mammal, get outta here 7 VAMOOSE
25 11 Working on time leads to headless Blair being overthrown and facing justice 2/5 ON/TRIAL
26 17 Whack a golf ball, it starts left, oh that's rubbish 6 DRIVEL
27 19 Coffee's paranormal power begins to rankle with massive oil company 8 ESPRESSO

Number Appears In Issue: Clue # Letters Answers
1 2 Stretches across around king and whacks his arse 6 SPANKS
2 5 Snooty little dog loses his head around computers 6 UPPITY
3 3 & 10 This madman lost direction, became completely confused and had an institute named after him 4/5 ADAM/SMITH
4 26 Is this what Blair did to his time in office? Hospital department on which I depend withered 8/6 ENTIRELY/WASTED
6 26 Going from one end to the other but it's a messy goal around the end of season 5 ALONG
7 12 Edith and Spanish king are head over heels, the result is a curious basis for deciding who the king should be 8 HEREDITY
8 28 New England soul singer appears in the afternoon and gets a job he's not really qualified for because of who his daddy is? Ah, it's an on going workplace injustice 8 NEPOTISM
9 14 Hold the flowers, they bring the dead back to life 14 REINCARNATIONS
15 18 In favour of a five day international cricket match, initially Otis Redding is the guy holding a placard 9 PROTESTOR
16 16 Do this if you want to know how to pull off a giant killing 3/5 ASK/DAVID
17 15
  • For girls: Top selling ice cream with endless pudding, surely this is Tom Sellick’s favourite part?
  • For boys: Holding guns to the heads of piano instructors, that's how Tom Sellick made a living throughout the 1980s
6/1/1 MAGNUM/P/I
19 27 Brainbox Aristotle's smash-hit, chart-topping, morality or bust bestseller is, in fact, a pile of sh*te about a catcher 6 ETHICS
20 13 A Greek God or an Italian chicken? 6 APOLLO
22 20 Odysseus's wife drops her writing implements to run away with another man 5 ELOPE

(Note that 17 Down constitutes the Bugle's contribution to International Gender Stereotyping Week 2008)

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