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Assumed Identity of the American

You know him. You tolerate him. In a world view you are dominated by him. He bleeds Red, White, and Blue (mostly red, but he insists the white and blue is there). Please Welcome, THE AMERICAN!!

— Introduction by John Oliver

Every few episodes, a guest known only as 'The American' (voiced by daily show producer and comedian Rory Albanese) will appear on the show. He is portrayed as the stereotypical working-class American; xenophobic, lazy, and ignorant. He is from New Jersey (supposedly- some fans have claimed he is from another part of the US or even from England) and often gets in heated debates with John, each twisting each others' logic in attempts to validate their points. The American hasn't made an appearance in several weeks, with no comment from either host as to a reason for his absence.

The American is a microcosm of American society. As a result the American is the perfect representative of the United States because his physical state, societal and political opinions, and all his activities are shared by all American citizens. This fact has been verified by letters published in the email section of the Bugle by American Buglers. Some consider this to be suspicious and the FBI has launched an investigation.

On December 20, 2010, the American opened a twitter account under the name of BuglersAmerican

On November 30, 2012 (Issue #215), a spin off section was created called "Ask an Indian."  Which was a one time interview with an unknown guest held while Andy was in India.

Issue # Time Session Name Question Asked
2 14:58 The American Introduction
  • When will we leave Iraq?
  • What is up with the Dollar?
7 15:50 The American Thanksgiving Special
  • Has God blessed America yet? If not, is he ever going to, you keep asking him to, what's the hold up?
  • Where exactly in England are you from?
  • Chicken or ribs?
14 17:16 The American Psyched
  • When it was when he found out that we have electricity?
  • If your American was to purchase a British sporting institute, which one would be and what changes would he make to it?
  • Who do you want to win the Presidential election?
15 20:20 The American Superbowl Special
  • Superbowl Sunday, what is all that about?
  • What is your recommendation for watching the game?
  • Reading the sausage
  • What do you think of our [European] sports?
  • Prediction for the 6 Nations Games?
  • Prediction for the Superbowl?
19 17:00 The American from Mount Rushmore
  • Will you be voting for Nader?
  • Is you hate for America so bitter and vitriolic that you must have someone from the putative “Garden State” as your sample American? (asked of the Bugle not the American)
  • How do you know of the existence of Canada?
23 14:27 The American Super Delegate
  • Recent polls have shown a fifth of Americans can't locate the United States on a map. Why do think this is?
  • Can you confirm or deny that you are Eliot Spitzer?
  • Is Hilary Rocky?
  • Canada, America's hat?
27 20:54 The American Swimsuit Edition
  • Cowboy eating a rattlesnake!
  • The American's rebate check.
  • Wisconsin vs New Jersey?
  • The most American alive? (Rev. Wright)
33 14:40 The American's Passport
  • Will Obama select Hilary for VP?
  • Who would you choose for VP?
  • Between the Navy and Army, which is more American?
  • Have you thought about serving?
  • How do you feel about gay marriage?
42 18:12 The American Olympic Report
  • How you found being away?
50 18:50 The American on Democracy
  • Palin Steals the "Pro-America" talking point.
  • Are you thinking of running for office?
  • A British Origin of Baseball?
  • Is Joe the Plumber a media construct?
55 9:55 The American and American's brother (in Las Vegas)
  • American's brother, are you a property expert?
  • Will you be gambling while you're out here?
  • Does Vegas have its own laws?
  • That's not a real gun is it?
  • Thanksgiving... what is that?
  • Vegas over taken by Macau?
  • Double Down
63 17:30 Foreign Snow Invades Britain
  • First Black Leader
  • How can we be blamed for screwing the world economy when we are the reason there is a world economy?
  • Didn't the French invent half of America?
  • The Superbowl and Bruce
87 16:11 The American on Healthcare
  • The American's whereabouts (not in the mob)
  • Healthcare: British vs. American
  • American made noses
  • Town Halls
  • What kind of gun is best to fire on a jet ski
  • Dunkirk = Hamlet + Bravehart + Lethal Weapon
  • Cricket?
99 13:58 The American on 2009
  • Happy Holidays; more inclusive?
  • The American's Jewdar
  • The American's music choices
  • How has the year been for America
  • Global Climate change summit in Copenhagen
  • Seal coat & New Jersey's future location
109 22:55 The American on Health Care (II)
  • Americans: God's Chosen People?
  • Is the American thrilled about health care?
  • What will Todd Palin be known as if Sarah Palin is elected President?
  • Is there a treasure map on the back of the Constitution?
  • The Bugle: Radio Show or Podcast?
  • Legislation allowing guns in Starbucks and guns that shoot dogs
139 21:17 The American on Debt
  • America's economic problems and debt
  • Are you concerned about Republicans taking congress?
  • The point of crying
  • What did you do at the end of Steel Magnolias?
  • Concerns about mass bird deaths
  • What do you think has been cloned?
  • The American has a twitter account
158a 24:00 The American on the Republican Field
  • Donald Trump
  • Gold
240 23:04 The American on the Republican Field
  • Chinese craftsmanship
  • Where the fuck have you been?
  • Circumnavigation of the globe via jetski
  • How long would you and Edward Snowden be able to outrun the authorities?
  • Can you locate Syria on a map?
  • Do you think Jon's hosting of the Daily Show is destroying everything that makes America great?
  • What kind of political system do you have when a woman talking for 11 hours is a hero?
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