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A Seal’s Honour is the fourth in The Home-brewed Series of romantic comedies with a supernatural twist.

He’s a Navy Seal, she’s a veterinary assistant at Sea World. She should know how to handle seals but he’s way more complicated than a real seal. He’s a muscular man with dreamy eyes and complex PTSD. Max has returned to his little hometown after lots of being in the army to look after his best friend’s little sister. He’s supposed to protect her, not fall in love with her, only she isn’t his best friend’s annoying little sister anymore, she’s all grown up and wearing neoprene. Tiffany is perfectly happy working at Sea World, concealing the fact that she is half-veterinary assistant half-selkie but she needs a date to the annual Sea World convention and Max is right there. But every guy knows you don’t hit on your best friend’s little sister, no matter how strong the attraction, even when you’ve agreed to pose as her boyfriend at a Sea World event and there are metaphorical sharks circling and also literally sharks. So when he’s infected by the bite of a jealous were-merman whose hopeless unrequited passion for Tiffany has driven him mad, Tiffany and Max are drawn in to the mafia currents of an underwater underworld and their fake relationship starts to feel real. They’re caught in a sexy paradox. They have to convince the villains of the deep that their passion is real or they’ll be sleeping with the fishes... forever.

How do you keep your seal pinky promise when a sexy seal lady slash seal trainer has your whole heart and you’re turning into a merman at the most inconveniently moist moments?

Find out in A Seal’s Honour. Available now at all aquarium gift shops.

Josh: I love the idea of a sexy paradox which is why I have dabbled in adult entertainment, which is true. We have—Josh Gondelman Corporation has come up with an adult entertainment site where people who are kind of alienated and lonely during this period in history, and it is a sexy paradox, it’s called Schrodinger’s Boobs, and it is a video site where a woman you go to—any woman both is or is not topless.

Alice: I like the sexy paradox of “Will they? Won’t they?” And they will and they won’t but both at the same time in a box.

Josh: Yeah! That’s true. It’s kind of a theoretical version of Ross and Rachel in parallel dimensions.