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A Night of Passion is Book 1.8 of The Night Clock Patrol series of modern detective romance thrillers with a supernatural twist.

Our heroine is Callie. They call her a bitch because she's a half-detective half-werewolf and all bitch. Callie is wearing a leather jacket with her flaming locks of auburn hair, her tiny waist, and her old-fashioned creamy voluptuousness. She's a sassy rebel and she doesn’t care who knows it. Despite her famed bitchiness, she’s endlessly loyal to her friends and keeps doing things that are nice even though everyone calls her a bitch.

Until she meets her new partner, Marcus, recently retired from a job body guarding the most famous vampire lords, he’s f*ckig massive and has a perfect body and she first meets him while he’s reading a book with his hair falling over his noble brow. But he’s haunted by his dark past and is very rude to her at the same time as being hot. He’s the careful one, with his military rigidity and massive torso and his masculine protectiveness offends Callie’s independent bitch spirit. Also, he’s a werewolf, also but a different kind.

They become nemeses even though they’re both attracted to each other and have to work together and have a mutual professional respect but their nemesis-ness is mainly limited to saying sassy things to each other and saving each other’s butts from life-or-death situations.

Callie spends a lot of time saying “ugh men.” It’s not until they accidentally get nude in the course of a mission together that she sees his terrible sexy scars from his time in the military and understands that she’s not the only person hiding her sexy scars under the facade of being a bitch. But just as Marcus hears Callie defending him to their boss and asks her on a date, a dark force arises, explaining the string of unexplained murders they’d been sexily working on together.

Callie is kidnapped and Marcus has to rescue her but then vice versa because feminism. Wounded and sexy, they recuperate together in Callie’s expensive flat that she inherited from her rich grandmother by accidentally seeing each other coming out of the shower or waking up nude from a nightmare until they have sex.

The Guardian called A Night of Passion an almost astonishing idea of how people interact.

And The Washington Post called it a triumph of towels.

A Night of Passion available now in the back container of all motorcycles.